Thursday, April 4, 2013

Update in cosplay

Hey there guys (or the tiny group of people who just watch me) I'm finally updating my blogger!! Yay *geeze Mizu it's about time you did!! >_>* but yes this time I'll be chronicling my umm journey? No..Quest? Nah.. My trials? Eh no. I'll be documenting my progress on a new cosplay I'm working on! *ding ding that's it!* yeah so my next updates will show you my progress on my cosplay. That way you can kinda see how I do things.

I am currently working on a cosplay I didn't think I would do. I'm working on a costume everyone should know. Hes small, yellow, a mouse, and has quite the electric personality. I'm pretty sure you can guess..I'll give you a moment...


If you guessed Pikachu you are correct!
*if you didn't I shall feed you to the lions! jk*

At the bottom of blog you will see which version of Pikachu I'm working on.

I really want to give credit to the artist, all I know is this user is from Pixiv but that's pretty much it. Now the reason why I'm doing this version is because I'm tired of the generic/easy takes on Pikachu cosplay. Plus I'm in no mood to run around in a poofy skirt. I want to look awesome but adorable at the same time. Also I'd rather wear shorts so I don't have to worry about pervs trying to look up. >_>

But yes I just cut out my shirt and sadly I should have taken photos of that step. If you guys are interested in knowing how I did that step, by all means ask me and I'll answer.

So far here's the top all nice and cut.

tomorrow I'll just be busy sewing the top and then add the brown hem on the collar and bottom of the shirt.

But that will be for next time. Anyway guys I'm off to bed! I shall post again real soon!