Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Plushies and new hobby

Hey guys!

Told ya I would make an effort of posting stuff on my blog (even though not many people will even read this). But any way here are some plushies I have made so was a gift and the other was a commission.

Makar Plush
Series: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Ht: approx 6 inches

This plushie is the smallest plush I have ever made. At 6 inches it was the fastest plush doll I have ever made. (but I did lag because I didn't have green fabric for his face and I was pretty picky about it too). Because of the height I decided to NOT use my sewing machine so I made him all by hand. This doll was a gift I made for a very special friend of mine. I do plan on making more of him since I have a lot of fabric left over. Maybe I'll sell some at a con one of these days.

Christmas Kero
Series: Cardcaptor Sakura
Ht 13 inches

This was a commission asked by another good friend of mine. It was a rather odd request since when he asked me it was totally out of the blue. XD and not to mention I just couldn't picture him own a CCS doll. But eventually he told me that this doll was going to be a gift for a really good friend of his, so I was more than happy to make one. By making this Kero doll I learned a lot of different techniques in which I figured out on my own (through trial and error of course). Btw if you guys are wondering the price..I made it an even 30.

And now I end my 2nd post by mentioning the new hobby I decided to partake in, and its making little lucky stars. Ever since I was in middle school, I would always see my friends make tiny lucky stars and well I always wanted to give it a shot. I was also curious as to the purpose of the lucky stars and when I found out its meaning >u< it got me super motivated to try. I decided to start out small but as soon as I get better with the stars I will buy the bigger jars. >u< 

Who will be the recipient of my Lucky Stars?! who knows tee hee..~

Well guys that's a wrap for this blog entry..see ya later~

Monday, January 23, 2012

First Post

Hey everyone, so once again I signed up to another blog/ post my random stuff site. XD this time cause a friend convinced me to do so. I so here I'll just post up things that I have drawn, baked, made, ect. and just some ramblings here and there. I guess this is a start for me to get out there and such.

Any who I hope I keep this active...(cause some other sites i joined are dead :X like my *coughlivejournalcough*)

Wish me luck guys..