Friday, March 2, 2012

Seat cushions and school

Hey everyone!! sorry for the lack of posting..(don't worry guys I haven't forgotten about my blog...duh XD) but I have been super duper busy as of late. As my heading says I have made seat cushions and yes I'm back in school. (in some ways I'm happy to BE back at school too).

But first lets start with the seat cushions!! :D

Made these for my mentor, Rick Solomon. Before I graduated from CSULA I would dedicate my Saturdays going to his little studio and work on his animation. At first I was a tad shy, but slowly and surely I opened up and his studio was kinda like my other home away from home. I would spend most of my time animating in his studio and have interesting talks while we worked. Now that I'm working at a coffee bean, I don't get the chance to visit his studio and work on his animation as much as I would like. But even though I'm not there, I still get to do a little side job for him..which were these cushions. Originally he gave me this really huge cushion (the ones you could chill on a lawn chair and such) and it was my task to make 4 seat cushions. At first I thought the materials given to me could only produce a small amount of cushions. But just my luck it turned out more than I expected. In the end I was able to make 6 seat cushions..and I'm pretty damn happy about how they turned out.

Specs time!!
Seat cushion's are about 14-16 inches in width and length. and they were stuffed with the cushion that came with it. Each cushion has two straps so they can be tied to the chairs (that way they wont move around as much).


Yep Im back in school now, going to ELAC and by luck I was able to get the two classes I wanted..granted I had to go to the class several times in order to finally be added into it..but regardless I made it in.

The two classes I enrolled to is a Life Drawing class and a basic 3D animation class. (in their catalog its Advance but for me I call it basic XD). So far I'm enjoying classes..loving my life drawing and as for the Maya class its relatively easy since I know the basics of the program as it is. But because of the pace of the class I'm learning more and more about the much that the things I hated about it when I first started to learn the program, I'm starting to understand better and enjoy it.

Maybe later when I'll post up my works..but for now imma head to bed..XD night everyone!