Thursday, April 4, 2013

Update in cosplay

Hey there guys (or the tiny group of people who just watch me) I'm finally updating my blogger!! Yay *geeze Mizu it's about time you did!! >_>* but yes this time I'll be chronicling my umm journey? No..Quest? Nah.. My trials? Eh no. I'll be documenting my progress on a new cosplay I'm working on! *ding ding that's it!* yeah so my next updates will show you my progress on my cosplay. That way you can kinda see how I do things.

I am currently working on a cosplay I didn't think I would do. I'm working on a costume everyone should know. Hes small, yellow, a mouse, and has quite the electric personality. I'm pretty sure you can guess..I'll give you a moment...


If you guessed Pikachu you are correct!
*if you didn't I shall feed you to the lions! jk*

At the bottom of blog you will see which version of Pikachu I'm working on.

I really want to give credit to the artist, all I know is this user is from Pixiv but that's pretty much it. Now the reason why I'm doing this version is because I'm tired of the generic/easy takes on Pikachu cosplay. Plus I'm in no mood to run around in a poofy skirt. I want to look awesome but adorable at the same time. Also I'd rather wear shorts so I don't have to worry about pervs trying to look up. >_>

But yes I just cut out my shirt and sadly I should have taken photos of that step. If you guys are interested in knowing how I did that step, by all means ask me and I'll answer.

So far here's the top all nice and cut.

tomorrow I'll just be busy sewing the top and then add the brown hem on the collar and bottom of the shirt.

But that will be for next time. Anyway guys I'm off to bed! I shall post again real soon!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Idea book

Sup everyone!

Going to school and work have really kept me busy. As great as it is that I have a job and taking art classes, it really stops me to squeeze in anything I really want to do. I try to fit in some things but something always comes up. :/ So in order to keep track, I decided to use my Rango journal that I bought at a charity event to jot every idea down so I won't forget.

I have so many ideas backlogged in my mind and I would really love to get them off my chest. And by having it down on paper, I know I will get to them soon.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Seat cushions and school

Hey everyone!! sorry for the lack of posting..(don't worry guys I haven't forgotten about my blog...duh XD) but I have been super duper busy as of late. As my heading says I have made seat cushions and yes I'm back in school. (in some ways I'm happy to BE back at school too).

But first lets start with the seat cushions!! :D

Made these for my mentor, Rick Solomon. Before I graduated from CSULA I would dedicate my Saturdays going to his little studio and work on his animation. At first I was a tad shy, but slowly and surely I opened up and his studio was kinda like my other home away from home. I would spend most of my time animating in his studio and have interesting talks while we worked. Now that I'm working at a coffee bean, I don't get the chance to visit his studio and work on his animation as much as I would like. But even though I'm not there, I still get to do a little side job for him..which were these cushions. Originally he gave me this really huge cushion (the ones you could chill on a lawn chair and such) and it was my task to make 4 seat cushions. At first I thought the materials given to me could only produce a small amount of cushions. But just my luck it turned out more than I expected. In the end I was able to make 6 seat cushions..and I'm pretty damn happy about how they turned out.

Specs time!!
Seat cushion's are about 14-16 inches in width and length. and they were stuffed with the cushion that came with it. Each cushion has two straps so they can be tied to the chairs (that way they wont move around as much).


Yep Im back in school now, going to ELAC and by luck I was able to get the two classes I wanted..granted I had to go to the class several times in order to finally be added into it..but regardless I made it in.

The two classes I enrolled to is a Life Drawing class and a basic 3D animation class. (in their catalog its Advance but for me I call it basic XD). So far I'm enjoying classes..loving my life drawing and as for the Maya class its relatively easy since I know the basics of the program as it is. But because of the pace of the class I'm learning more and more about the much that the things I hated about it when I first started to learn the program, I'm starting to understand better and enjoy it.

Maybe later when I'll post up my works..but for now imma head to bed..XD night everyone!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Plushies and new hobby

Hey guys!

Told ya I would make an effort of posting stuff on my blog (even though not many people will even read this). But any way here are some plushies I have made so was a gift and the other was a commission.

Makar Plush
Series: The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Ht: approx 6 inches

This plushie is the smallest plush I have ever made. At 6 inches it was the fastest plush doll I have ever made. (but I did lag because I didn't have green fabric for his face and I was pretty picky about it too). Because of the height I decided to NOT use my sewing machine so I made him all by hand. This doll was a gift I made for a very special friend of mine. I do plan on making more of him since I have a lot of fabric left over. Maybe I'll sell some at a con one of these days.

Christmas Kero
Series: Cardcaptor Sakura
Ht 13 inches

This was a commission asked by another good friend of mine. It was a rather odd request since when he asked me it was totally out of the blue. XD and not to mention I just couldn't picture him own a CCS doll. But eventually he told me that this doll was going to be a gift for a really good friend of his, so I was more than happy to make one. By making this Kero doll I learned a lot of different techniques in which I figured out on my own (through trial and error of course). Btw if you guys are wondering the price..I made it an even 30.

And now I end my 2nd post by mentioning the new hobby I decided to partake in, and its making little lucky stars. Ever since I was in middle school, I would always see my friends make tiny lucky stars and well I always wanted to give it a shot. I was also curious as to the purpose of the lucky stars and when I found out its meaning >u< it got me super motivated to try. I decided to start out small but as soon as I get better with the stars I will buy the bigger jars. >u< 

Who will be the recipient of my Lucky Stars?! who knows tee hee..~

Well guys that's a wrap for this blog entry..see ya later~

Monday, January 23, 2012

First Post

Hey everyone, so once again I signed up to another blog/ post my random stuff site. XD this time cause a friend convinced me to do so. I so here I'll just post up things that I have drawn, baked, made, ect. and just some ramblings here and there. I guess this is a start for me to get out there and such.

Any who I hope I keep this active...(cause some other sites i joined are dead :X like my *coughlivejournalcough*)

Wish me luck guys..